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Come on let your hair down and join me and my crew, oh yes my husband Bill when he is available. Along the way we will all meet a lot of interesting people. As our mission goes...so we go...and we might even meet you. We will meet kids and grandkids...dogs and cats...and whatever and wherever our travels take us. So ride along on whatever mission we are on. 

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'Oh I love Stuckeys...the Cracker Barrel...and oh yes my husband Bill. I wonder if the company would mind if I bought that cute little turquoise necklace?

Welcome to our unpredictable Speeklek Travel Club ' ventures here on planet earth and beyond. And on SpeekleTV!

We want Speekle to launch Speekle Network on a SpaceX or NASA space flight probe into deep space, as we look for media platform connections.


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Oh home on the range...


Guess my dog's name and win the contest. There may be a prize I don't know, but you will get Honorable Mention on SpeekleTV!


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SPEEKLE TRAVEL CLUB...the 'Live For Real' lifestyle...Go Speekle Social


GO Speekle Social...social media on-line and off-line.

Join us on our upcoming live streams...as we travel and meet interesting and unique people in various  places along our travels. 

Speekle Travel Club and the Speekle 'Live for Real'...Travel Club lifestyle is a part of our Speekle Social...Oh yes... a lifestyle of 'Live for Real' travel, health, wellness, activities, and have I told you that the...

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Ahhhh...Uth Skincare....

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Your purchases at the Speekle Nutrition Store provide nutrition to malnourished children around the world.

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Travel long distances or just in your neighborhood...come with Speekle Travel Club and experience!


If you want to join in on our Speekle Travel Club missions and expeditions... we welcome you. We welcome your travel stories and being a part of our Speekle Travel Club. Or you can  come along and just hang out as we travel.

Oh yes...The Speekle Travel Card will be out after the pre-launch. There will be travel discounts, maps, road service, emergency alert system, vacation rentals, merchandise, and much more...

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Speekle Travl Club...host Randi Rose

Send the Speekle Travel Club your travel pictures and videos. Tell us your travel stories


Your travels and your stories are what Speekle Travel Club is all about. We are people who want to 'Live for Real' Come on I bet there are some really good ones stories out there...

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REWARDS & DISCOUNTS: Hotels, car rentals, dining, travel merchandise, and much more...at Speekle Travel Club

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SpeekleTV is out of this world in our marketplace innovation, motivation, and application in sales , advertising, marketing,..etc...


You Are The Speekle Network!

Speak to Speekle...and Speekle will Speak to you!

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Speekle fighting world malnutrition

SpeekleTravel Club Tip


Do you love to travel...but don't have the money?

Speekle Travel Tip: Stock up on food, snacks, and drinks and sell them to road  hungry travelers...Do you like to cook, are you a mechanic, artist, or set up a small store and set up camp at RV Parks, niches, etc... 

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Travel the world with Speekle Social...meet new friends...bring your families...get healthy...improve your social life...'Live For Real!'

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'Live for Real!'

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Share your stories we would love to hear them...Speekle Travel Club

Send me your crazy stories...more stories below

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